Brief on Kutch

Map_GujDist_KuchchhThe region of Kutch in the state of Gujarat, is the western most part of  India. It is known the world over for the salt water marshes and salt flats known as the Rann of Kutch, where a variety of migratory birds from Siberia, Mangolia  come to roost in very large numbers during the winter months.

The landscape is harsh and absolutely barren with very little vegetation in certein parts. The climate is very hot during summer months. The desert conditions make the nights cool and comfortable even during hot summer. During winter the nights can be rather cold. In spite of such extremes of landscape and climate conditions, the people inhabiting this region of Kutch have a rich culture and a great tradition of very fine handicrafts. It has also made them hard working and perseverant by nature with a “never say die” spirit.

The entire region is sparsely populated with bleak natural resources and infrastructure. The long coastline has made it suitable for salt extraction, fishing. except for areas around the busy Ports of kandla and mandvi, and District H.Q. Bhuj the rest of the region remained backward and neglected in terms of Education and job opportunity.

The devastating earthquake of 2001 brought some exposure and global attention to this region and coupled with the liberal Tax incentives, brought about the mushrooming of Industrial and Commercial development of the area in a significant way leading to creation of substantial job opportunities.