Saraswatam Aangan Wadis


‘Saraswatam’ Institute has been managing all Aanganwadis of Mundra – unit of Kutch district since 1989. A Launch was started with 60 Aanganwadis. Their numbers have reached 93, at present. The Numbers of the children 0 to 6 year stage, who are beneficiaries of Aanganwadi, have reached about 10000.

As the Country, State, District the number of children suffrening from malnutration was high.

In the begning the Aanganwadi workers felt contended by buying some medicine and nutritive food for the malnoutrished. However since the problem was acute this effort hardly made by any impact. In meantime, Jindal Steel Works was established In Mundra. The company (Jindal Steel) started the medical facilities for its staff. Together with it, they (Jindal Steel) were disposed to render services of the medical examinations to and provide children with supplementary nutrient diets. Thus it was the beginning of medical camps. In the initial stage of beginning, the medical camp would be organized every a 3 – month. Jindal Steel Works used to make transportation arrangements for conveyance children mother to and fro and snack was used to be arranged for them and all children were examined medically and diagnosed by a child specialist doctor. Nearby 150 children were covered in any one camp. This Jindal Steel Co. used to adopt several children and provide them with medicines and supplementary nutritious diets, too.

It was noticed on experiences that, the medical checkup at every a 3 month is a prolonged period for health improvement. Therefore, the medical check – up programmed was arranged every month and simultaneously, the children were also classified as malnutritious and acute malnutritious. The responsibility of the malnutritious children was laid an Aanganwadi workers and the monitoring was started.