Saraswatam Hostels


Recently, Saraswatam dedicated Bhuj (The District Headquarter Kutch Dist.) its first ever working women’s’ Hostel where working ladies & girls pursuing research & higher education found a home away from. The hostel was dedicated by Dr. Kamla, H.E. the Governor of Gujarat.

Kotadi Hostel

A hostel for students from socially and economically backward class students sections, Matrushri Jetbai Liladhar Hostel – Kotadi (mahadevpuri) managed by Saraswatam was established and started in 1981, for the students of 6 to 10 Stds.

The hostel shares the campus with Matrushri Velbai Kanji Jadavji and Velbai Ramji Shamji School. The hostel has the capacity for 40 boarders.

At present, admission up to 40 boarders has been sanctioned on complete free of charge basis. In the hostel, the admissions are provided to Koli, Paraghi, Vaghra casts and Baxi-panch class and others (savarans).

So far as facilities are concerned, double-deck cots, water-purifier etc, are give to the boarders in the hostle.

Address: Kotadi Mahadevpuri, Taluka Mandvi
Superintendent Name: Nikesh L. Parmar, +91 81419 02277
Principal Name: Maheshkumar P. Jadeja, +91 98793 16095


Kanji Jadavji Hostel – Koatadi Mahadevpuri, Mandvi – Kutch

Saraswatam also conducts and manages Kanji Jadavji Raghuvanshi Hostel. The overall administration and management of this hostels has been carried out by Saraswatam Institute since 2008 – 2009. The lodging and boarding in the hostel has also been managed to given to the economically backward student at very reasonable rates.

Saraswatam also manages Kanji Jadavji Raghuvanshi Hostel. The lodging and boarding in the hostel is subsidized by 50%. The students from the rural areas are charged Rs… per academic term.

Accommodation: 20 pax
Fee: –
Address: Kotadi Mahadevpuri, Taluka Mandvi

Taraben Sheth & Saralaben Thakker Hostel

For working women and persuing professional studies or engaged in research etc.

Women visitng Bhuj for shorter period can also avail the facility.

Accommodation: 75 pax (twin sharing basis)
Fee: Rs. 1500/- Per Academic Term
Fee: Rs. 1500/- Per Month Boarding
Short Stay: –
Location: Pramukh Swami Nagar, Gate No: 2, Bhuj
Beneficiary please Contact:
Mandvi Kutch Head Office: 02834-223017 | [email protected]
Bhuj : +91 99795 08868